CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, the best surveillance method used for both commercial and residential purpose. CCTV works as a constant security device which can capture any sort of activities

take place in the surroundings of where it is installed. We offer the best CCTV installation services for industries such as commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, jewelries,  factories, film studios, corporate headquarters, Universities, and Colleges. Our company also provides great packages for residential surveillance as well.

Things that make us different from other firms are the variety of CCTV services including, planning, installation, maintenance, monitoring, reasonable pricing, latest camera, cables and technology, and trends. If you need to monitor CCTV at remote places, we will provide you with online access that enables you to watch what is going around your premise.

Our CCTV System Features

  • Recording facilities with adjustable time frames.
  • Analytics for video
  • Footfall counting and access control
  • Number plate recognition

Incredible security camera solutions your company or home.

Among all CCTV installation companies in Dubai, we stand out with our flexible pricing strategy which includes the  award-winning service with top-of-the-range materials such as video cables, CCTV camera brands, monitors, and DVRs. We have been recommended to new opportunities by our clients due to the unconditional support we offer each one of them especially after the installation.

The high-class CCTV surveillance system provider in Sharjah.

It is  good acknowledgment to be called as an high-class company that offers any type of security system solutions. Obviously, it is very hard to gain good-will for any brand or services. We have been in the industry of IT services providing marvelous solutions from small offices to large scale enterprises in the UAE.

Tremendous quality of service and quick support.

V-IT Solutions has already installed more than 5000 CCTV systems in the last 15 years of service  We believe in our expert team of technicians, without them no milestone could be crossed yet. We are also strongly committed to deliver super-duper CCTV and Wahat Al Jarf for each one our customers regardless of the scale, scope, and nature of the projects.

There are three simple steps to get your premise CCTV installed.

Call us or send your requirements online

We will visit your site at free of cost and send a quotation with an estimated budget which would probably be the lowest price in the industry.

Upon your approval, we shall draft your invoice.

Then the work will be started and finished on time. There you go!

What types of CCTV cameras are commonly installed in Sharjah?

  • Dome camera
  • Bullet camera
  • Covert/Board/Desktop cameras
  • Discreet Cameras
  • Infrared/Night Vision
  • Speed Dome
  • High-Definition Cameras
  • Outdoor
  • Network/IP
  • Wireless
  • Day/Night

Why are we chosen for CCTV installation services in Sharjah?

We offer comparatively low price for high-quality security camera setup services. Our team has strong technical skills with experience of more than a decade. Our priority has always been for the satisfaction of the client regardless of the size of the project. We treat every single customer equally.Moreover, our philosophy is “The customer is king”.

CCTV Installation:

It is very important that every residential and commercial building should install CCTV on their premises in Dubai. There are many rules that strictly mention making video surveillance to ensure the security of the people in Dubai. To ensure the quality off of the installed CCTV systems, the building owners need to get the approval from the Govt. authority of Dubai. In some free trade zones, we may also need to obey some certain regulations regarding the use of CCTV.Since we have to go for a top-of-the-range CCTV system, everyone would try to get cheaper prices for the best solution. We offer one of the lowest pricing packages for CCTV camera installation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We provide CCTV camera installation and maintenance services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in an easy three steps.

The best security camera installation services:

V-IT Solutions has delivered several projects in the country so far. With the topmost quality of technology, we have earned a very large number of clients’ satisfaction. We have to make sure the quality of the CCTV system and top-end technicians are part of the projects. Otherwise, the building owners or businessmen would require to bear a lot of additional expenses to maintain them later. So, seeking service from an established company is pretty much important. You can get a promotional code to avail one time discount of 10% on your CCTV installation project cost by clicking here.