Generally, when you think of a 24/7 Emergency Al Minaal Bin Hafeez Technical Services the usual picture that pops into your mind is that of a workman that has the nominal skill and is able to carry out a number of jobs that include water leak repair and electric short circuit or breaker failure repair in the home. The jobs that a handyman can do include painting repairing doors and windows repairing leaky faucets, dry wall, etc. but not all the handyman service providers are with minimal skills. They can even carry out major renovations of kitchen or bathroom.

Emergency Handyman

  • 24/7 Emergency Electrician
  • 24/7 Emergency Plumber
  • AC / Chiller Repair Services
  • Lights Fixing Services
  • Water Heater Fixing / Installation
  • Leakage Fixing Services
  • Floor Drain Sewer Opening
  • Hinges Handles & Lock Repairing

Al Minaal Bin Hafeez Technical  Services is a UAE based firm which have team of Skilled Handymen who execute each and every Fixing & Maintenance job and assisting Mechanical staff with their expert helpers in execution of every work whether painting, plumbing, electrical or carpentry or so on. Believe us we are the real serving company.

  • HandyMan Painter for Painting Works
  • HandyMan Cleaner for Floor Drain Sewer Open
  • HandyMan Plumber for Plumbing Services
  • HandyMan Electrician for Electrical Services
  • HandyMan Mechanic for AC / Chiller Services
  • HandyMan Carpenter for Carpentry Wooden Work
  • HandyMan Mason for Masonry Tilling Work

Drilling Hanging Work:

  • Curtain Hanging
  • Blinds Fixing
  • TV Bracket Mount
  • Pictures Hanging
  • Big Frame Mount
  • Mirror Hanging
  • Lamp Hanging
  • Shelves Hanging

Curtain Installation:

  • Curtain Rods Fixing
  • Curtain Reeling Installation
  • Ceiling Curtain Installation
  • Install Curtain on Gypsum Board
  • Heavy Weight Curtain install
  • Bending Curtain Rods install
  • Ikea Curtain Install
  • Rotating Curtain Rods

Blind Fixing Brackets:

  • Blinds Installation
  • Blinds Fixing Brackets
  • Blinds Hooks Installation
  • Wooden Blinds Install
  • Paper Blinds Install
  • Blinds Machine Repair
  • Blinds Rope Repair

TV Bracket Fixing Dubai:

  • LED TV Bracket Fixing
  • LCD TV Installation
  • TV Bracket Mount on Wall
  • TV Mount on Gypsum Wall
  • Install LED on Wall
  • Rotatable TV Bracket
  • Strong Heavy TV Bracket

Picture Frames Hanging:

  • Pictures Hanging on Wall
  • Big Frames Hanging
  • Picture Frame Mount
  • Mirror Hanging
  • Shelves Hanging
  • TV Bracket Mount
  • Curtain & Blind Installation

Shelves Hanging in Dubai:

  • Shelves Hanging on Wall
  • Wooden Shelves Making
  • Ikea Shelves Hanging
  • Shelves on Gypsum Walls
  • Floating Shelves on Wall
  • Metal Shelves on Wall